CMAX Cinemas Palmerston
3 Maluka Street,
Palmerston NT
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08 8931 2555
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Group Events and Fundraisers

CMAX Palmerston Bring a touch of Hollywood to your next group event or fundraiser! CMAX Cinema at Palmerston, is the place to MAXIMISE your special event or fundraiser function.

Bring your group to the movies - it is easy to arrange, easy to promote and easy to enjoy! And, there is no cleaning up at the end of the night.

Inside Cinema Do you have to make a presentation or introduce a new promotion or product? No worries! Why not put it up on the largest screens in the most comfortable venue available. We can also provide AV equipment, a microphone and lectern facilities if you need.


How It Works

It's pretty easy - and if you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us during business hours.

  1. Select a date (have an alternative as well) so that we can then select a film or a choice of films that will have the widest appeal to your group or targeted audience.
  2. We will confirm date and time so that tickets can be printed. Cmax can assist you in this.
  3. Start selling your tickets - remember many hands selling tickets is better than just a few.


Ticket Options

There are a number of different options for your next fundraiser, all at a competitive price. Give us a call for more details.

  1. Film only
  2. Film and Small combo
  3. Film and Finger Food (hot and cold)
  4. Film, Finger Food (hot and cold) and beverages
  5. Or, Hire the Cinema for your own Film (conditions may apply) or presentations.


For more information, send us an email and we can help you get started. Alternatively you can contact us on 08 8931 2555.

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